Scott Saunders
Died from pure awesomeness after saving the world from cell.
Katja Marczan
Dies from falling off stage at the Miss Australia competition.
Zac Murphy
After solving the mysteries of the universe his human brain gave in from the collection of too much data.
Megan Wong
Suffocation, left breathless by the overwhelming cuteness of a litter of puppies.
Liam Doyle
Got fondled by and old man and then died from lack of bodily liquids after crying too much.
Roy Porter
Got into a fight with Monkey D. Luffy and died from Luffys conqueror haki.
Emily Dykstra
Died of hyperventilation when Kim Tae-yeon asked her to marry her.
Emily Doyle
Bitched about people so much that her mouth fell off and then she starved to death.
Aimee Gardener
Chokes on her own tongue and dies because, well, its Aimee.
Josh Glen-Holmes
Ate too many soy crisps and dies from dehydration after he couldn't find water.
Dane Moore
Tripped down the stairs while carrying a heavy computer.
Justin Bieber
Got attacked by the Colossal Titan
John Key
Jamison Bryant
jonny appleseed
Attacked by killer tomatoes
John Doe
Heart Attack
douglass colzani
chokes on stripper glitter
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Liam Doyle
Sucks cock like a bitch
Liam Doyle
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