How to use the online death note?

  1. Read all rules from our “How to use” page, then use death note
  2. Write your victim’s name and surname
  3. Accept privacy policy
  4. Solve the capthca
  5. You may upload your victim’s image with maximum of 600 KB
  6. Click the “Write it” button
  7. Search for all victims in the “Records list” page


Kira wrote my name, what should i do?! Don’t kill me!

  1. Don’t worry, you have some time
  2. Check our donate page
  3. Donate us 5$ with crypto
  4. Check our contact credentials
  5. Contact us, tell us what’s your problem
  6. Proof that you donated us
  7. Live a long, happy and peaceful life

About online death note known as Kira game simulator

Hi Kira, L, anime fans, welcome to the online death note!

This is a fan Kira Game simulator where you are the bad guy. I know you want to have your own death note like in anime, now you can, go kill bad guys and people who you don’t want to see anymore. JUST KIDDING! Use your virtual death note only for good purposes, but make sure L won’t catch you, be smart like Kira.

This Death Note is online and publlic so you can have fun typing someones name, posting his photo, maybe changing his punishment. Then you or someone else can check who is written in the death note by accessing and searching his name on our “Records List” page but, never forget that this is just a joke, so no one can be injured or killed, or i might be just kidding, who knows? 🙂

Make sure you are not there, you might be in danger, if you are there, better pay 5$ in crypto to remove yourself from the death list, or just accept your death, this is not recommended

Congratulation you are the owner of a death note and your only firend is a Shinigami, before using it, read all the rules on our “How to use it” page. I do not assume any of your risk. Be smart, do not do dumb things.

It is pretty easy to use our project, type someones name, surname, punishment (optional), put his photo (optional), accept the privacy policy, and solve the captcha. Good luck, have fun!

Wiki for deathnote HERE.

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