What is a death note?

A Death Note is the titular supernatural notebook used by the Shinigami to sustain their life, as well as a principal figure in the Eponymous series.

While appearing as your typical black notebook, Shinigami are able to choose what adorns their notebooks’ covers, if anything. Most notes, however, such as Rem’s, are plain black and lack writing on their covers, but Shinigami occasionally write their name on it as a joke. Death Notes can also be red or white, though these types are rare.

Depending on the era, Death Notes change their appearance to match said era. They will be a scroll in Old Japan or appear similar to the Old Testament in medieval Europe. The inside of a Death Note looks like that of a school notebook and contains ruled white pages. The notebook is activated when a human’s name is written in it. Regardless of how many names are written in it, the notebook will never run out of pages. Death Notes are made from a material unknown to human science; however, they nevertheless feel and look like regular notebooks, and it is possible to rip and burn the pages.

Shinigami and Death Notes

A Shinigami must own at least one Death Note. That Death Note may also be used and owned by a human, but only if the Death Note falls to Earth and is found by a human. The Shinigami have to keep using the Death Note to kill people in order to extend their own lives.

A pact exists between the first human owner and the Shinigami who gave that person the Death Note. The pact is such that at the end of the owner’s life, the Shinigami has to write down the owner’s name in his own note.

How to use a death note?

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